Dealing with denial – a step-by-step guide

It is a single point to have an addiction – acknowledging it is one more issue. Here's a step-by-step guide to moving out of denial and into recovery.

Sure, your chocolate/buying/Facebook habit may well be hunky-dory, it may well be – or you could be in this stage.

"The initial step to breaking free from addiction is being aware of you have a dilemma, locating the source to the problem, and discovering other ways to deal with the problem. I have seen many addicts effectively recover once they find alternative approaches to deal with and face the concerns they are dealing with," says Adelaide drug and alcohol abuse counsellor Alisha Hughes.

After you have slunk out of denial, you don't have to give it the flick. But you can evaluate the positive aspects and disadvantages of the addiction. (Let's face it, it serves some goal. You may really feel as though you kinda like it.)

If you decide the cons outweigh the pros – enough to place up with the discomfort of practising new methods of being – you are going to lay the groundwork for sensible steps to modify. This stage includes completing a program with a timeline.

You begin to implement the strategy and may seek help to make it stick, such as self-aid, counselling or a help group.

Soon after a few months, you have managed to alter your behaviour and your objective is to sustain your new modus operandi.

Though not inevitable, relapses are a normal part of the change cycle and, if handled well, can serve as studying experiences with actual growth value. Rather than trying to keep away from relapse (and beating oneself up or throwing in the towel when it does happen), it can be useful to expect it – this allows you to prepare some relapse prevention methods based.

It may well seem as though you are going to by no means kick back and recount the days when you had been beholden to a behaviour, but the steps for successful DIY rehab culminate in so-referred to as 'termination'. In other words, freedom.

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