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Apple unveils iOS ten, packs it with new characteristics

Apple announces the most current version of its smartphone operating technique, iOS ten. The new mobile application updates Siri, images and far more.


At 1st glance, notifications on iOS ten will appear like they constantly have. But, as the saying goes, factors are not constantly as they seem. The approaches you view, clear and interact with notifications operate a lot differently in the new operating technique.

Just how you interact with a notification depends on the variety of device you happen to be employing, and no matter whether it really is equipped with 3D Touch. At the finish of the day, even so, the very same knowledge is attainable across all iOS devices.

Right here are the two standout alterations.

No need to have to unlock your iPhone

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

When a notification shows up on your lock screen, you can swipe to the left across it to reveal far more possibilities. Devices equipped with 3D Touch will have a single Clear selection, exactly where non-3D Touch devices will have two possibilities: View and Clear.

If you press on a notification or tap on View it will open the alert, leaving you on the lock screen. Soon after opening it, you can interact with its content material. For Messages, that signifies you can view the final handful of messages like images, videos and GIFs.

For the duration of the iOS ten announcement in June, Apple showed an Uber notification with a reside map that shows you exactly where your driver is just as if you have been employing the app. Count on a lot of far more interactive notifications in your favored apps now that iOS ten has launched.

Swipe down to view far more


Swipe down on a notification when employing your device to view and interact with it.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Alternatively of employing 3D Touch or swiping left and deciding on View, you only need to have to swipe down on a notification to open it. (You can nevertheless use 3D Touch on an alert if you'd choose.) The alert will open, and you can interact with it with no ever leaving the app you happen to be at the moment employing.

If you happen to be asking yourself, yes, Notification Center is one more spot exactly where you can open a notification by means of 3D Touch or with a swipe to the left and a tap on View.

Editors' note: This post was initially published on July 28, and has considering that been updated to reflect the launch of iOS ten.

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