3 ways to target your core


Sculpt your core with this effective core exercise by Kayla Gagnon. 

The workout


Employing a timer set for 30 seconds of function and ten to 15 seconds of rest

3 to 4 rounds of each and every move 

1. Side plank hip dips




Hold yourself up in a side plank (either from the knees or toes) Using manage, lower the bottom hip to the floor with an inhale. As you exhale, push the hips back up to the ceiling.




 2. Plank pike-up




Commence in a plank position with elbows and toes on the floor and body raised parallel to the floor. As you inhale, gradually stroll your toes in towards your chest, maintaining your legs straight as your hips raise to the ceiling. Pause at the peak and exhale your way down to neutral position.





3. Seated X crunch 






Commence in a tall seated position with your legs completely extended and your arms reaching straight to the ceiling. As you exhale, keeping every thing as straight as you can, bring your left foot and your right hand collectively for the crunch. Repeat on the other side.

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