4-week full body circuit by Nichelle Laus


Work up a sweat, tone and sculpt with this four-week total body exercise by WH&F trainer Nichelle Laus. 

The workout:


The following circuit can be performed three days per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On the other days among (Tuesday and Thursday) carry out moderate cardio for 20 minutes.



Week 1:  Execute 2–3 sets of the circuit with 1 minute in between workout routines.

Week 2: Carry out 3–4 sets of the circuit with 1 minute in between workout routines.

Week 3:  Execute 3–4 sets of the circuit with 30 seconds in in between exercises.


Week 4: Carry out 3–4 sets of the circuit with as little time as attainable among exercises.

1. Dumbbel single arm split squat to press


Perform 8 reps per leg

Assume a split squat position with your left foot forward. Hold a moderately weighted dumbbell in your right hand. Hold the dumbbell at the height of your right shoulder and brace your core as you descend into the split squat. As you return to the standing position, press the dumbbell overhead. Repeat for the advisable repetitions and then switch your standing position so that your proper leg is forward and the dumbbell is in your left hand.

Trainer tip:  The heel of your back foot will not come into contact with the floor. Your weight will be on the ball of your forefoot.

Pictures by: Dave Laus 

Workout by: Nichelle Laus

Model: Nichelle Laus








two. TRX (or bodyweight resistance apparatus) bodyweight rows




Perform 10 reps

Preserve a neutral spine and great posture as you grasp the handles of the straps. Lean back slightly and push your hips forward so that your complete physique is straight. Pull your upper body forward by bending your elbows. At the best position of the row, your hands ought to be at the level of your chest.

Trainer tip: You can make the exercise more difficult by walking your feet closer to the wall to bring your physique far more horizontal to the floor.

Pictures by: Dave Laus 

Workout by: Nichelle Laus

Model: Nichelle Laus






three. Kettlebell swing



Perform 12 reps

Grasp the kettlebell by the handle with both hands while maintaining a flat back position and a tight core. You should feel tension by way of the back of your legs in this start off position. As you slowly raise the bell from the floor, reduce your torso and let the bell swing amongst your legs. Making use of the momentum created by the swing movement, stand up by thrusting your hips forward and letting the kettlebell rise to chest height. Produce momentum with every swing and be confident to sustain tight glutes and lats (upper back) in the best position.


Photos by: Dave Laus 

Exercise by: Nichelle Laus

Model: Nichelle Laus






4. Low-Incline Alternate- Arm Dumbbell Press



Execute 10 reps per arm

Lie on a bench with a slight incline (30 degrees or much less). Raise both dumbbells to the prime position of the bench press movement so that your arms are straight overhead. Sustain this straight arm position with one arm even though you lower 1 dumbbell and return it to the leading position. Alternate arms for the total indicated reps.


Images by: Dave Laus 

Workout by: Nichelle Laus

Model: Nichelle Laus






5. Swiss ball stir the pot



Execute for 30 seconds

Place your forearms on the Swiss ball with your feet on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Sustain a neutral spine by maintaining your hips from sagging to the floor. Maintaining this position, move your forearms in a figure eight sequence under manage whilst maintaining your posture.

Images by: Dave Laus 

Workout by: Nichelle Laus

Model: Nichelle Laus

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