Nintendo Switch’s memory will expand by up to 2TB

Very good news for those who choose to digitally download their games: a Nintendo representative has confirmed to Game Informer that its upcoming Switch console will help Micro SDXC cards, allowing them to expand console’s storage space by up to 2TB.

Of course, proper now the highest capacity offered by Micro SDXC cards is 256GB - even though physically larger cards can hold up to 512GB - but this signifies that Nintendo has future proofed the console the way a lot of telephone makers have completed ready for a time when these greater capacity cards inevitably become obtainable. 

Some issues have been raised following it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch only comes with 32GB of internal storage. Compared to internal storage provided by other mainstream consoles, this is minuscule.

Each the Xbox One and PS4 come with a minimum of 500GB onboard.

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Of course, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t need to have really as much internal storage as consoles like the PlayStation four and Xbox One as, if it works like Nintendo’s earlier offerings, it’ll run games from its cartridges rather than set up them onto the system. 

For these who choose digital downloads to carrying cartridges, nonetheless, it’ll be welcome news as it was revealed that launch title Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will take up virtually half of this space on its own without having taking into account the fact that the console’s operating program will also have to take up storage space. 

Expanding the console’s memory won’t come inexpensive, though, because purchasing a 256GB Micro SDXC can set you back over £100. Taking into consideration the expense of the console, its games and its accessories this is worth bearing in thoughts.

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