The Witness is finally available for an Nvidia Shield exclusive

The Witness, by Braid creator Jonathan Blow, was a single of, if not the very best, puzzle games of final year. 

Now, nearly twelve months on, the game has finally created its way to Android as an Nvidia Shield exclusive. 

The news may well come as a disappointment for mobile gaming fans, offered that the game’s slow-paced nature would be a ideal fit for on-the-go play, but given that an iOS version is nonetheless on the cards, we’d be shocked if the game didn’t make its way to the wider Android platform ultimately. 

A burgeoning platform

The Android operating method is increasingly turning into a platform for big-price range AAA games in addition to the mobile-focussed titles that have dominated the OS in the past.

The platform has noticed the likes of Rome: Total War, The Walking Dead (Season 2), Knights of the Old Republic, Bioshock and Half Life 2, which are all games that have been major game releases when they initial arrived. 

Granted, none of these are current games (the newest becoming The Walking Dead which was initially released on Computer and consoles in 2013), but with The Witness arriving just one particular year right after its original release this could mean developers are generating the platform more of a priority. 

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