Getting to know Silvia Kramska


Feel owning your own company requires grit? Multiply that by two, add the gruelling instruction demanded by fitness competitions and you have an concept of life for Silvia Kramska, founder of Open to Play clean protein and True Meals Organic Nutrition. A qualified nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach, Kramska shares her formula for keeping a balance amid apparent chaos.

I have always been element of an active atmosphere centred on wellness. I began to play tennis when I was five years old and continued to play professionally until I was 17. I lost my way health-sensible for a even though after that, so when I moved to Melbourne I promised myself that I would work in an location that actually tends to make me pleased.

My Open To Play protein organization came about when I was prepping for my first fitness competition I couldn’t find a clean, easy and healthy protein anyplace. I figured there must be other folks struggling with the very same issue and so I decided to generate my personal.

I’m proud to say that Open To Play proteins are now one particular of the cleanest items on the market place. The products are created to be a healthier addition to anyone’s diet regime – they’re all all-natural, have only 3 pure ingredients (like grass-fed whey), and are lactose and gluten free of charge. 

I wanted to make positive the proteins had been appropriate for any individual no matter their age, gender or activity level. All-natural protein can supplement your typical diet, assist in your recovery after exercising and can aid assistance growth and repair of your muscle tissues.

My daily nutrition is quite balanced. I really like to commence my day with lemon water and I place a lot of concentrate on the top quality of the foods that are going into my physique. I consume organically wherever possible and I don’t eat gluten or processed sugars.

I do get pleasure from my pancakes after a week, on the weekends. I consider it is important that your everyday nutrition is not causing you tension and to accept that you will not get it excellent each day.

My existing coaching regimen reflects my off-season preparation and I am focusing on growing my upper physique for competition. I am undertaking heavy upper-physique sessions three times per week, and 3 leg sessions per week focusing on glute improvement. 

I like to incorporate at least two HIIT sessions per week into my education system based on my power levels. I often make positive I listen to my physique and rest when I need to have it. 

I manage stress by soaking in a magnesium salt bath every single night. I also love taking time out to just unwind at property, or head to the beach for the duration of summer with a good book. 

I wake up early every day since I like to get a instruction session in whilst absolutely everyone else is still in bed. I then head more than to my café and aid to set it up for the day, get my team motivated and post on my social media accounts. Following function I will normally fit in an additional gym session and in the evening I make time for family and close friends. 

I genuinely admire Tracy Anderson as both a fitness advocate and entrepreneur. The way she has been able to develop her organization and make a difference in people’s lives is really inspirational.

We are excited to be producing some tasty new flavours and goods at Open To Play and I am also planning on opening two far more Real Food Organic Nutrition Bars this year. 




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