Health and fitness with Tiffiny Hall


KIck-commence the New Year with some fresh inspiration from our January 2017 cover model Tiffiny Hall. We chat to her about all factors well being, fitness and motivation.

ON THE Which means OF FITNESS:

The meaning of fitness for me is, properly, fitness with which means. You have to train with purpose. W eight loss and altering body shape isn’t enough since weight comes and goes and body components come in and out of fashion, like round bums. The deeper the which means, the far more strong the motivation. For me, I train to be healthy, to live longer, to be the best I can be for my husband, to keep mentally and emotionally properly and balanced and now that I’m at the age where I’m beginning to think about children, I’m education to be match for pregnancy.

ON Wellness AND FITNESS Mistakes

I’ve tried each and every fad diet plan out there. I’ve experimented on my body in so many methods, often searching for the magic fix that I could pass on to my students or customers, but diet right after diet program, I was constantly let down. Practically nothing functions, except difficult operate. All my years in well being and fitness tell me the key is to train the thoughts and the mind will train the body. Trying to remedy the body first in no way performs, or it might work but only brief term. I see so a lot of ladies hating themselves, hating themselves slimmer, punishing themselves, feeling guilty. I’ve discovered that you can not hate oneself healthful, you have to enjoy your self healthier. Self-love is sustainable, self-loathing is not. It’s only when I began to really accept myself, respect myself and ditch the diets that I’ve found consistency, balance and inner harmony. That is why I love the kiss and the hug, and created TIFFXO. Embracing self-really like will heal and transform you. It is about throwing out the all-or-nothing attitude, and the toxic thought patterns of ‘I’ll be happy when I reach…’, ‘I do not deserve this’. Learn to give your self a cuddle, forgive and move forward.


Meals style, fads, myths – I’ve just had it with them! My customers usually say to me, “But I’ve tried every little thing.”

My response is usually, “Have you tried one factor regularly, for 30 days?”

There is no magic. The magic is in you. Personal your power, consume nicely, train regularly and have exciting doing it and understand to zen. If you do this each and every day, your body will thank you and be in the best shape of its life! You are the present to your physique. We have to quit seeking outward illusions and realise that the energy is in us.


There are tricks that can aid us discover our mojo, but what tends to make motivation stick is generating a habit, just like taking a shower or a very good probiotic every single single day. Some days you feel it – hell, yeah! Some days you don’t – ah, nicely it has to be accomplished anyway because you know you will really feel phenomenal afterwards, and nobody has ever regretted a healthy meal or a workout. So for 30 days stick to anything, give it meaning, make it realistic and be disciplined (sorry to use that boring word but it really does work). Motivation will get you there, but habits preserve you going. I train every single day in some way, be it a stretch session or taekwondo, HIIT or tone…every day I move because I really feel emotionally and mentally better for it.

Study Tiffiny's complete cover story in the January 2017 edition of Women's Well being and Fitness Magazine.

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